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5 Tips for Hot Tub Maintenance 

Your hot tub is a crucial part of your home. It’s where you relax, forget about the day’s pressures, and refuel after a hectic day. However, if your pool isn’t functioning at its best, you won’t get the most out of it. And learning how to care for and maintain your hot tub will go a long way. Here are practical hot tub and spa maintenance suggestions to help you get the most out of your hot tub.

  1. Keep an excellent hot tub circulation 

You can keep the water clean by putting the water through your hot tub’s cartridge filters during circulation. Your spa can feature an automatic circulation schedule that ensures it runs once or twice daily, depending on the model.

If you want the tub’s water to circulate entirely through the filters, consider a 15 to 20 minutes circulation. Similarly, if you don’t have an automatic cycle, conduct a daily circulation to keep the water clean. With regular and proper circulation, your hot tub becomes extra clean and maintains fresh water.

  1. Simple hot tub cleaning schedule 

Natural hot tub and spa water treatment include using natural products and cleaning your hot tub. Both interior and exterior hot tubs can develop scum, but if your spa is outside, it’s good you consider growing plants around.

Keep the waterline and seats clear for a clean hot tub and to help avoid potential water problems. Cleaning your spa’s shell and jets with a sponge and white vinegar will maintain in perfect condition. Also, use it to remove the water’s edge scum line as well.

  1. Drain the water regularly

Due to the limited size of the water body, pollutants will accumulate and make it more difficult for your chemicals to function. To prevent this, change the tub water every three to four months.

If you frequently use the hot tub, you ought to replace it. Do this to maintain the quality of your hot tub water. It is a good idea to clean both the inside and exterior of your hot tub while you empty and refill it.

  1. Balance your hot tub water chemistry 

Leveling the water chemistry in your hot tub is comparable to balancing a pool, but their difference in size makes it trickier. However, you need to have a baseline assessment of the water chemistry in your spa before you add anything. Test the water in your hot tub once it is filled to determine its pH and alkalinity levels.

  1. Adjust the PH

Try to maintain a pH between 7.4 and 7.6. Below this range, the values will be excessively acidic. Your hardware can become corroded by the water, and your skin and eyes will probably become irritated. Values outside of this range will be too simple. The water will make your sanitizer less effective and more likely to become cloudy.


Your hot tub is the ideal place to unwind and maintain composure. Additionally, hot tubs are a terrific investment that requires frequent, high-quality maintenance. The ability to comprehend and maintain a hot tub is a priceless gift you can offer to yourself.