Signs that You Might Need a Gallbladder Surgery

Signs that You Might Need a Gallbladder Surgery

Gallstones are common issue affecting about 10-15% of the US population. A significant percentage of patients are usually treated with surgery, but this depends on the severity of the condition. How can I tell that I have gallstones? There are various symptoms to look out for; these mostly range from nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting and jaundice. In some cases, you may require gallbladder removal and the best way to determine if you need gallbladder surgery is to get examined.

Here are signs that you might need gallbladder surgery:

  1. Abdominal pains

This is by far the most frequent issue among those patients with gallstones. The discomfort can range in intensity from severe, stabbing pain to dull, cramping pain, usually starting soon after eating.

You may sometimes believe you are experiencing gas pain or acid reflux before finally opting to have the issue evaluated. This pain is usually persistent after meals, and long-lasting attacks could signify a more severe gallbladder issue.

  1. Jaundice

Jaundice is yet another sign of gallstones. You may exhibit yellowish skin if a gallstone is blocking one of your bile ducts. High amounts of the bile pigment bilirubin induce jaundice, which causes soft tissues, and eye whites to turn yellow.

If you notice such symptoms, visit a general surgeon who will examine you to determine whether you have gallstones.

  1. You have unusual urine or stool 

A blockage in the bile system will result in unusually light-coloured stools because bile is often expelled with the stool. The extra bile accumulating in your bloodstream will search for another way to leave your body. Your urine will then turn darker than usual as the kidneys process the excess bile through pee. Both signs indicate that you may have a bile duct obstruction and need emergency medical intervention.

  1. Fevers& Chills

Gallstones are likely to present if you experience significant upper stomach pain, fever, and chills. This kind of response signals that you need to see a doctor immediately. You must require gallbladder surgery to prevent the infection from spreading to other body regions.

Examples of gallbladder problems you should know 

Several issues may occur to your gallbladder. If you are unaware of some of the most common gallbladder problems, worry no more. Below are some of the common gallbladder problems you can encounter.

  • Acute cholangitis

Acute cholangitis is caused by A biliary tract bacterial infection that can result in disorientation, jaundice, low blood pressure, and fever in addition to upper right abdomen pain and fever.

  • Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis is the swelling of the pancreas, which develops as a side effect of gallstones. This is because the pancreas and gallbladder share a bile drainage conduit, which enables an obstruction to block the flow of stomach acid. Pancreatitis is an emergency condition that needs prompt medical intervention.

Final thoughts

Discomfort in the upper abdomen and trouble digesting fats clearly show a gallbladder issue. In this case, you may have to undergo gallbladder surgery, and it’s advisable to seek help from an accredited general surgeon.