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Steps to Understanding God’s Plan To Improve Your Health

Beloved, what’s stopping you against finding yourself in the very best health possible, or losing the surplus weight that you have been dragging around? Could it be insufficient time? Insufficient motivation? A lack of understanding the need for a healthy body? Let’s say you understood that the a healthy body is really a dependence on your heavenly Father up above-would that challenge you to definitely bring your health more seriously?

If you are seriously interested in giving God your very best, then you’re ready to know very well what God’s plan’s to improve your health. Enter agreement with Him to get it done. God needs the human body of Christ strong and prepared for fight — strong in body, spirit and mind.

The earlier we are able to understand that we’re not our very own and now we were bought having a cost (1 Cor. 6:19), the earlier we’ll realize that every thought, word, deed and action or inaction comes with an effect on eternity. The products that you use today will impact the body, your future and the way forward for the following dimension. And also you thought you had been just consuming a can of Coke!

I encourage you to definitely approach your wellbeing from God’s perspective. Let us examine some compelling good reasons to bring your physical fitness seriously, using God’s words.

o Your wellbeing glorifies God (1 Cor. 6:19-20)

1 Cor. 6:19-20 poses this to all of us – “Would you not realize that bodies are the temple (the sanctuary) from the Holy Spirit Who lives inside you, That you have obtained [as a present from God? You aren’t your personal, you had been purchased at a cost [purchased having a preciousness and compensated for, made Their own. So then, recognition God and produce glory to Him within your body.”

Think about it for one minute that the body houses the Holy Spirit. Tell yourself, “the Holy Spirit resides inside me”. Wow! Now consider if He’s pleased with the accommodations. (Smile.) Verse 20 procedes to educate us that people bring glory to God with this physiques. Would God enjoy the constant maintenance of His temple? If this sounds like a hard question that you should answer, i then encourage you to search out god to have an answer in regards to what He maybe have you do.

o Your height of health is really a representation from the Kingdom (1 Thes. 5:23)

Being fed up doesn’t glorify God. It doesn’t invite others to participate the dominion and it doesn’t strengthen your belief in Christ. Within the Kingdom, Christ must control many of us: the body, spirit and mind.

o Your height of health will get you prepared for a higher level (Jer. 12:5)

Like our finances, God provides for us our health like a test. He wants us to handle job of taking proper care of our overall health well. He informs Jeremiah in 12:5, “For those who have raced with men by walking and they’ve worn you out of trouble, how will you contend with horses?” This is often designed to ask whether physically, psychologically or spiritually — are you currently fit for God’s purposes?

Visit your health from God’s perspective. He wants us well, ready and outfitted for His kingdom. Begin to take a few small steps today to get fit for Christ.